This Wine is on Fire

Matchbook is on fire… every pun intended. Yes, there is a long legacy of playing with matches, burning down the family home, but heck, boys will be boys.
Most importantly, the legacy of building great brands, wines that over deliver is the real story of John, Lane, and Karl Giguiere. It is also the story of The Dunnigan Hills, a little known A.V.A. that the Giguieres were instrumental in founding and is currently the home of the Giguiere ranch and vineyards, the source of Matchbook wines.
Mossback: an oxymoron? Mossback, a term given to farmers who are set in their ways and stuck to tradition only applies to the Giguieres when it comes to their commitment to the style, quality, and the traditions of Sonoma County and Russian River. Dan Cederquist, the winemaker for Mossback wines is an innovator of the region. The wines he makes represent the contemporary philosophy of allowing the grapes to speak of their origins. And, they are amazing values.
Brothers, John and Karl Giguiere grew up on a farm east of Napa Valley and northeast of Sacramento, raising sheep, growing wheat, and delivering what their land would offer. As adults they decided to experiment with grape growing always intending to sell their fruit. They built a small winery so they could better understand the grapes they were growing and before long they found themselves with one of the larger wineries in California.
John, Karl, and John’s wife, Lane, grew RH Phillips winery to almost a million cases before selling their company to Vincor USA. During that time they secured the Dunnigan Hills, (the location of their vineyards), as a winegrowing A.V.A., American Viticultural Area. This elevated their vineyards to a status not unlike Napa and Sonoma.

Not interested in resting on their laurels, it didn’t take long for team Giguiere to realize a new vision. With this go around they were committed to developing a style in their wines that eluded them under the RH Phillips label. Finesse, elegance, and balance are the descriptors that they sought in their wines; the style of wine they love to drink themselves. And with that, they were able to partner with the perfect winemaker in Dan Cederquist.

Cederquist was the winemaker at DeLoach when the property was one of the leaders in the Russian River and a prominent name in Chardonnay and Pinot production. Dan brings those years of expertise to Mossback wines, their Sonoma project, and utilizes his artistic handling of material to their Dunnigan Hills vineyards and Matchbook wines.

Matchbook Old Head Chardonnay

The luscious opulence of this wine is evident by its beautiful golden straw color. Aromas of spiced pears, caramel and baked apple are layered over butterscotch and brown barrel spices. The flavors are an enticing play of crisp melon and Crème brûlée. We make this rich, full-bodied chardonnay in the traditional manner with barrel fermentation and lees stirring to give the wine a luscious viscosity and elegance. This is a wine that says, “Hello! You are going to like me.”  $12.99
Matchbook Tinto Rey Red Blend

Tinto Rey means “Red King.” Tempranillo is the king of Spanish red wines, the most important varietal in our Matchbook Vineyard and the foundation of this unique Tempranillo/Syrah blend. This highly aromatic wine offers cigar box, cedar, blueberry cobbler, chocolate, cassis and keeps going. The flavors are layered and complex with juicy cherry and blackberry framed by vanilla, spicy oak, leather and earth.
Matchbook Cabernet Sauvignon

Fruit purchased from the famed Lake County appellation for our Matchbook Cabernet. This Cabernet Sauvignon is a blend of Lake County Merlot, Petit Verdot and Dunnigan Hills Syrah to create a classic Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of chocolate, vanilla bean and bold barrel spice. A core of red raspberry and blueberry fruit flavors are framed by cedar, cocoa powder and pipe tobacco. The wine finishes with mouth-coating tannins and toasty oak.  $14.99
Mossback Chardonnay

 The fruit for our Mossback Chardonnay is grown in the heart of Russian River Valley AVA. The 2012 vintage is the second from the Aquarius Vineyard; the first full year since replanting. Fresh vanilla and Asian pears highlight the aroma with under tones of nutmeg and barrel spice. The flavors are creamy and crisp all at once. The snap of Granny Smith apples and kiwi mingles with palate-coating cream and butter. The lively flavor of Key lime lingers on the finish.
Mossback Pinot Noir

Mossback Pinot Noir is a blend of Russian River Valley fruit from growers that Winemaker Dan Cederquist has worked with for many years. This could be called Dan’s Farmer’s Market blend; the best grapes purchased from the best farmers from Dan’s many years of winemaking experience in the Russian River. This is a classic Russian River Pinot Noir with complex aromas of earth and fruit. Bright flavors of cranberry and black cherry combine with porcini mushroom and cream cola.  $19.99
Mossback Cabernet Sauvignon

The grapes for this wine were sourced from the Chalk Hill growing area, a small, but renowned region in Sonoma County. With 75% Cabernet and 25% Merlot, Mossback Cabernet is a rustic, muscular red that shows enticing aromas of mocha, chocolate, cherry pipe tobacco and earthy spices. The flavors are revealed in layers of blackberry, black cherry, dark chocolate and firm, chewy tannins. Thick and velvety, bold yet refined, Mossback Cabernet Sauvignon will age gracefully for several years. $19.99