Turkey Talk

It’s that wonderful time of the year where friends and family gather together to share memories, enjoy each other’s company, and enjoy the cuisine of the season. If Turkey is on your table this season, we have the perfect matches for you: Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris from Oregon. Pinot Gris offers bright fruit, rich texture and crisp acidity. Pinot Noir offers bright cherry flavors that pairs with most everything on your table and will offer something for everyone. Serve your Pinot Noir slightly chilled by sticking it in the fridge for 20 minutes before serving. This will elevate the bright fruit flavors. You’ll also want to serve the Pinot Gris chilled.
This season, the wines from A to Z Wineworks are a great choice.
Their 2011 Oregon Pinot Noir is a Wine Spectator Top 100 with a 90 Point Score. It has delicate layers of cherry, tobacco and cocoa flavors mingling against refined tannins, persisting pleasantly on the light-stepping finish. Consider the amazing price of $17.99 and you can’t miss.

The 2012 Pinot Gris offers bright fruit flavors and will pair well with the high-fat side dishes that contain the likes of onions, garlic, and herbs as well with the highly adaptable turkey main course. The Pinot Gris is also at the low seasonal price of $12.99, a $7 savings.
Who is A to Z Wineworks, you ask? A to Z Wineworks  is a story of a group of friends who came together and, as co-founder William Hatcher said, is the rare example of the dog catching the bus.
Hatcher found himself at a bit of a crossroads in 2001. He had recently left his job and, after some serious thought, found that he only had two career options: winemaker and accordion repairman. He surveyed the job market and found that Oregon had more than enough accordion repairmen (2) but not nearly enough winemakers (a paltry 250). He set about to fix that.
Together with his wife Debra, Hatcher joined with friends Sam Tannahill and Cheryl Francis, who were winemakers in their own right, to form A to Z Wineworks. Since its 2002 inception, the Willamette Valley winery has been Oregon’s fastest growing winery thanks to its business model of producing and marketing Oregon’s best wine values by concentrating on core competencies of acquisition, blending, and marketing.
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