Better Wine, Better World

“Better Wine, Better World”; a motto that Steelhead Vineyards holds to a gold standard. Founded in 1998, Steelhead Vineyards has been focusing on delivering great tasting wines while sustaining the environment. Sustainability, organic and biodynamic farming practice all come into play in the making of Steelhead wines. That and financial contributions back to support these efforts.

“Better World”

Dry Creek Valley’s wine grape growing history extends back 140 years. The fertile soil drew settlers in and not long after they arrived, so did the first vineyards in the area.
Steelhead Vineyards has always stood for more than just great wine at a great price. These vineyards are managed through biodynamic farming, meaning the farmers try to create a balanced ecosystem in which the farm creates and maintains its own health and abundance.

“Steelhead” in itself is a name inspired by the owner’s desire to restore the habitat of Steelhead trout and Coho salmon in Wine Creek and Dry Creek in Northern Dry Creek Valley which runs through the area owned by Quivira. Steelhead Vineyards works with Trout Unlimited to do so, and over the past few years, Steelhead Trout have once again been swimming up the creek. Steelhead, partnered with Trout Unlimited, is trying to convert other grape growers in Northern California to develop the same water management techniques in order to preserve the wildlife.

But Steelhead Vineyards does more than just fix up its own backyard. 1% of the sales go to 1% For The Planet, an organization focused on environmental projects.

Steelhead Chardonnay
"Complex aromas of orchard fruit and citrus marry with refreshing flavors of crisp apple, pear and a hint of peach. The palate is rich and wonderfully balanced with underlying acidity and subtle toasty notes for a sustained finish."
Hugh Chappelle, Consulting Winemaker

Steelhead  Pinot Noir 
"This wine impresses right away with its deep, dense, brooding fruit and dark, attractive color. This vintage we have a particularly complex melangé of both red and dark fruits, along with notes of baking spice and subtle toasty oak. The palate does not disappoint with dark fruit flavors of Bing cherry and black raspberry leading to a rich, round texture and pleasant, long finish."
Hugh Chapelle, Consulting Winemaker
Steelhead  Red Blend 
"Aromas of deep, dark ripe berry immediately draw you in for a taste. Echoed on the structured palate with Blackberry and bing cherry married with a touch of spice and subtle toasty oak. Aromas and flavors flow into a lush mid-palate and a long, lingering finish that is clean with crisp balanced acidity."
Hugh Chappelle, Consulting Winemaker

Best Idea Ever!!!
Artisan wine in a single, recyclable serving bottle.

Wine For One
Imagine, Sonoma County Chardonnay and Merlot available in a single serving bottle with the glass as the closure.
Think of the possibilities. Concerts, picnics, boating, office drawers. Wherever you enjoy great wine.
$4.50 per serving